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Reed is about

Customer first - we've been in business for seven years during which we have sold over 1,000 instruments. Our satisfaction surveys and customers feedback has always been good. And we're really all about instrument quality and customer satisfaction, putting integrity above all else.

Deep expertise the two senior partners have combined experience of over 90 years - both being ex Band Directors.

Quality & value for money - we specialize in five instruments - trumpet, clarinet, flute, saxophone and trombone. We buy good used instruments on the open market, refurbish them to play perfect condition, and sell each one with a 90 day full warranty, and an additional nine months labor warranty. We further narrow our focus to buying from the best instrument makers, those most preferred by our customers

Our chosen market is advanced music students, their band director and/or private music teacher. We also sell to professional musicians. And increasingly we sell instruments to schools & school districts that want to get the most from their budgets and booster funds.