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Glynn Finley - Principally deals with instrument procurement, oversees and does hands-on refurbishment and deals with customers.

"As a 33 year experienced music educator as well as a professional repair technician, I welcome the opportunity of working together with parents of aspiring musicians, student musicians, music directors, private instructors, adult performers as well as professional musicians to assure a contribution to their musical experiences, also their children or students by helping them secure the instrument to meet their needs."

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Robert Gray - Principally deals with customers, manages the day-to-day financial affairs and manages the businesses databases.

"During my 50+ years of experience in the music profession I have been involved in all facets of the music industry. Those experiences include work as a professional performing musician, music educator, a recording and sound re-enforcement engineer, retail music experience, and as a composer/arranger. In my 37 years as a music educator I have assisted hundreds of aspiring musicians in finding an instrument that meets the exacting demands and compliments the talent that is required of all performing musicians. At EncorePro any musician who comes to us seeking advice and assistance in obtaining a suitable wind instrument can expect all the honesty, integrity and commitment that my many years of experience provides."

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Cormac & Maggie O'Reilly - provide the technology platform on which the business operates, help develop strategy and work on business development. Maggie's professional background is real estate, property development, marketing and administration. Cormac's background is Information technology, business strategy & international management.

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