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Advice & Guidance

Openness & Honesty
We will always be as open as we can when providing advice. If we are not sure, we will say so, and do our best to direct you to someone who does. Our advice and guidance will be honest to the point of losing a sale, or selling a lower cost instrument, because we know that the most important thing is for you to be able to trust us. We believe that trust, honesty and openness leads to confidence, which in turn leads to an enduring relationship - something we value over an individual sale.
Realistic Expectations
And we will always offer advice and guidance without expecting an immediate instrument sale or service work. We are in this business for the long term, so we can wait until you can either afford to or decide to do business with us.
The Young Musician
We will be delighted to advise and guide parents or others when buying a young musician an instrument. Our years of experience in dealing with parents, and discussing issues and balancing affordability, appropriateness and level of accomplishment, are long term


Making The Right Choice
We're musicians, so we know that there is a big difference in buying an instrument on the Internet, and actually handling and playing it. For that reason, we offer a seven day trial period, starting from the date you receive your instrument, to be sure you made the right choice. If you feel you have not, you can either return the instrument for a a refund, or exchange it for another, in which case, you can have seven days to decide if that was your right choice. We will even consider extending the trial period, if for example you can't get hold of your music teacher or whoever you chose to look over the instrument you purchased. Just email us and we will confirm an extended trial period. The only two conditions on returning an instrument are that it must be in the same condition that it was despatched in, and that you pay the cost of return shipping.
We absolutely standby our instruments, and should any defect occur related to workmanship within six months, we will priority repair and return ship the instrument, in addition to paying your cost of shipping. If we have an equivalent instrument available, and you have an urgent concert or competition, we will loan you that instrument on receipt of your instrument, and return yours when you send the loaned instrument back - all using priority shipping, and at our cost.