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EncorePro - Musicians Serving Musicians

Our Internet Shop:

sells quality refurbished wind and woodwind musical instruments 24/7. Most customers now come as referrals and typically use the experience and knowledge of our principle partners to buy instruments.

Our Commitment:

is to place integrity above profit; we'd rather recommend a competitor than sell an instrument that's not right for a young musician or is beyond his or her parents affordability.
Our Mission:

is to sell great instruments, at great prices, with a 'no-quibble' trial period and warranty. We do so by smart buying, low overheads and refurbishment/buying expertise. Our business is growing by 50% each year.
Pro Instruments:

represents 90% of our instrument sales. They are typically bought for students that excel and see music as a route to a college scholarship or a musical career.
We focus on:

flutes, clarinets, trumpets, saxophones & trombones made by distinguished manufacturers and recommended by school systems and music teachers
Play Perfect:

is essential for competition and progress of talented students. Refurbished musical instruments represent craftsmanship and material quality before traditional instruments.

Beginning Instruments:

10% of our sales are to new musicians and their parents. Our knowledge and experience comes into play finding a quality instrument at an affordable price. Aside from superior quality, our instruments cost a fraction of the rental/purchase cost

Best Price; No Risk:

we provide a seven day, money back, trial period for every instrument we sell. Additionally, we provide no fee layaway for Pro & Beginning instruments.

Perfect Fit:

is critical to early music success, so we spend whatever time it takes working with parents, students and music teachers to get the best instrument fit for a student. Our combined 70 years of music education is at our customer's disposable

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY - from our customer survey

"VERY good. VERY pleased with the service!!! Went above & beyond expectations!!!"

"Our daughter needed a new clarinet and EncorePro had a selection of seven R13's at great prices. They even met with my daughter's clarinet tutor so she could try them all out and recommend the best for my daughter. Great people to work with and will go back to them for any musical instrument needs in the future."

"Again, absolutely fantastic. A small piece broke off the instrument. We had taken the instrument to local vendors and were told it was going to take some time before they'd get a replacement part, fix it, and get it back to us. Gave you guys a call, Glynn came by our house within a day or so to pick it up, and had it fixed by the weekend. When I asked what the cost was he replied "No charge, it's under warranty." Wow! is all I can say. He even took out a tiny dent my daughter had put into it. How's that for after-sales and support. Thanks for everything you guys.."

"You guys were absolutely fantastic. You answered questions and provided additional useful information on the phone. Made a pretty lengthy visit (both distance and time-wise) and brought several instruments for our daughter to sample. There was no pressure whatsoever to purchase the higher end instruments, and it was extremely generous of you to let her sample those instruments."

"We have had a great experience with selecting, buying, and using my son's clarinet. Its a beautiful instrument and we had a lot of help and discussion in selecting it. And, since getting it, we did need a minor service. We were able to meet to drop off the clarinet and pick it up just a few days later. Glenn even had a loner instrument that my son used for the brief service period. I would recommend Encorepro to anyone in the market for an instrument. I can't imagine a better experience."


46% of customers initially found us on the Internet; 54% were recommended by their Music Teacher

100% of customers who purchased instruments rated their overall experience as "great" and the Instruments they bought as "Play and Condition Perfect"

86% of purchasing customers noted that our seven day trial period worked for them; 14% said that when it did not we were flexible and helpful

39% of purchasing customers referred us to others; 57% said that there referral had resulted in an EncorePro instrument sale. One customer wrote "I have been giving referrals out in all directions! :)"