EncorePro Celebrates a $1m of sales in 2016 - Thank You!

Since starting in 2009 we’ve sold over 700 instruments worth $1million - you and our other customers made that possible, and we wanted to formally thank you. You not only bought an instrument, but you most likely recommended us to others. Because we don’t advertise, we know our business has benefited from our satisfied customers enthusiastic recommendations.

Our business was formed in 2009 and is run by two highly experienced school music directors with a combined total of over 70 years of experience. Glynn Finley buys and refurbishes every instrument we sell, while Robert Gray runs the front end of the business.

We keep it simple by specializing, and really focusing on five wind instruments:

Trumpets (i.e Bach Strad)
Clarinets (i.e Buffet R13)
Trombones (i.e Bach 42BO)
Flutes (i.e YAMAHA YFL584)
Saxophones (i.e Selmer Model 52)

As you already know, we only sell play perfect instruments that usually cost significantly less than new instruments, and carry a longer warranty.

Buyer Confidence: We always stand by the instruments we sell, providing a year’s warranty and we are there for you for repairs and servicing. We always do our own in-house repairs and refurbishment and typically engage private music teachers and school music directors.

Quality: Our deep buying expertise allows us to buy instruments that we know benefit from superior material quality and craftsmanship. Such instruments produce superior tone quality and intonation advantage over todays instruments. These instruments provide advantage in competitions and competing for university scholarships while retaining or increasing their value.

Showings: We sell mostly at school and/or private music teacher arranged showings. Showings allow players to try a selection of instruments before making a decision. After a sale, we have a no-quibble return policy for up to seven days - longer, by prior arrangement.

Schools Purchases: In the last three/four years we’ve also been working with schools providing a broader range of instruments, to help them stretch/maximize their annual instrument budget. Additionally, we work with community service organizations, helping them to donate instruments to individuals or schools.

Again, a big thank you! We never forget that through your patronage and recommendations, our business continues to grow at an astonishing pace - thank you again!

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eMail us at customerservice@encorepro.org with questions
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